Innisfail Town Theater


Hanging at the Ol'Moose

September 2012 marked the end of the second phase of exterior renovations. Thanks to assistance from the Town of Innisfail's Fa├žade Improvement Grant, the Ol'Moose was freshened up with new siding and exterior lighting. The finishing touch was an awning over the front entrance and bright new red doors to welcome members and guests into the home of Innisfail Town Theater.

The building we now know as the Ol'Moose was reported to have been built in 1907. Over the years, it has changed hands several times and has undergone many alterations to suit the needs of its owners. Originally known as the Innisfail Opera House, it served for many years as a facility for community functions, live productions and motion picture shows. During war years, the hall came into the hands of the Canadian Department of National Defence and was used for militia training and meetings. In 1965, the Loyal Order of Moose took possession of the hall. It became their lodge and was used to host meetings, bingos, and private functions. If only the walls could talk, they'd echo the memories of concerts, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, and numerous other celebrations that have taken place there.

In 2004, with the dissolution of the Innisfail Chapter of the Loyal Order of Moose, the hall was purchased for, and leased to Innisfail Town Theatre. Many volunteer hours by I.T.T. supporters and members have transformed the hall into a warm and inviting venue in which to meet, rehearse and perform plays.

In July of 2009, I.T.T. became the proud owners of the Ol'Moose Hall and after 102 years celebrated the return of the hall to its original function as an entertainment venue at the heart of the community.

The summer of 2011 marked another milestone in the history of the Ol'Moose. Thanks to the help of an Alberta Government grant, donations from local businesses, and many more volunteer hours, phase 1 of the exterior renovation project provided a much needed face lift.  It included adding brick to the lower portion of the building, replacing some badly damaged siding, and repairing aging exterior walls. Windows that once graced the north end of the building were exposed and replaced, returning some of the former character to the hall.